Excellence for All: 桃花社区视频 Strategic Plan 2019-2024

  • Over the last nine months, we have met with scholars, parents, teachers, leaders, partners, and community members to better understand their desires for the future of the district. The resulting strategic plan, which can be downloaded on our website, is designed as a series of commitments to our scholars and families and will guide our district's decisions and actions. We invite and encourage feedback and sincere partnership as we work together to transform lives through excellent education.

    Commitment #1: A Strong Start

    Scholars perform better in school and complete more years of education when they engage in high-quality early learning. We will work to ensure that every 4-year-old in 桃花社区视频 has access to high-quality, full-day early learning opportunities, supporting our vision of every child entering kindergarten ready to experience school success.

    Commitment #2: Innovative Teaching and Learning

    In order to graduate global citizens prepared to solve the problems of tomorrow, we must embrace schooling that is radically different from current and past practices. Innovation will be encouraged in classrooms, schools, out-of-school times, and across the district, as space is created for new ideas and ways of "doing school."

    Commitment #3: Talented and Empowered Teams

    Scholars' achievement is improved when they are taught by educators who know them as individual learners and who can differentiate instruction in ways that ensure all scholars have access to high-quality curriculum. We are committed to improving our candidate pools and developing the capacity of the most significant school-based influences on scholar achievement: the teacher and principal.

    Commitment #4: Joyful Learning Environments

    Scholars learn better when they are in environments they view as safe, supportive, and positive. This means our schools and classrooms must be designed and led in ways that encourage and nurture the joy of learning, foster a sense of belonging, build trusting relationships, and encourage risk-taking and questioning that are essential to lifelong learning.

    Commitment #5: A Culture of Accountability and Excellence

    A culture of accountability and excellence must permeate the entire district in order for us to achieve the goals outlined in this strategic plan. Thoughtful planning, deliberate and consistent use of systems and data analysis, and a deep commitment to professional learning will enable us to build—and sustain—a districtwide culture of accountability and excellence.


Last Modified on June 22, 2022