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    Casey Elementary School has been an Arts Access school for nearly 20 years. In 1999, Casey became the first school in the 桃花社区视频 Public School 桃花社区视频 to become a Whole School Model. The Whole 桃花社区视频 Initiative is a school improvement effort promoted by the Mississippi Arts Commission to incorporate the arts fully into all aspects of a school's curriculum.

    The Arts Access Program emphasizes the integration of visual and performing arts into all aspects of a school's curriculum. Increased test scores, as well as the development of self-esteem, are all nationally proven benefits of such a program. There are forms of art that are adaptable to all core curriculum be it math, science, language arts, or physical education. The goal of Arts Access is not to develop performing artists but rather to enrich and enhance the academic learning of all 桃花社区视频s in all subject areas.

    Goals of the Mississippi Arts Commission’s Whole School Initiative

    1. Arts Integration

    To provide learning opportunities to improve 桃花社区视频 academic achievement through the integration of the arts into the core curriculum.

    2. Arts Discipline

    To increase 桃花社区视频s' and teachers' skills, knowledge, awareness, and experiences in all arts disciplines.

    3. Professional Learning

    To build a school culture with sustainable systems that support arts integration as an approach to teaching.

    4. Community Involvement

    To increase family and community engagement and understanding of the arts.

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