Universal screening assessments will be administered to all 桃花社区视频s at least three times during the year to provide an especially critical “first look” at individual 桃花社区视频s. State statute requires that the Mississippi Department of Education “shall select early literacy and numeracy screening assessment instrument or instruments to be used throughout the state in the screening of 桃花社区视频s in Kindergarten through Grade 3” (Mississippi Code § 37-23-16; Mississippi Code § 37-177-5). The Mississippi Department of Education, in collaboration with Mississippi Reading Panel, has established an approved list of reading screeners to be used by local school districts in grades K-3.


    Diagnostic Assessments should be administered to 桃花社区视频s who fail the screening assessment. Diagnostic assessments provide in-depth information about individual 桃花社区视频’s particular strengths and needs for Tier 2 supplemental instruction and/or Tier 3 intensive intervention.