Department Overview

  • Risk Management  

    The 桃花社区视频 Public School 桃花社区视频 is committed to providing safe, risk-free environments for our 桃花社区视频s to learn and for employees to work. Therefore, we promote and encourage the collaborative efforts of everyone to bring safety to the forefront. It helps us all achieve as one 桃花社区视频, one team, and as one dream.

    The most valuable resource any organization has is its human resources, and leadership recognizes this fact. To safeguard our employees from any potential injury or harm, we promote safety awareness and provide workplace safety training for all employees. We value our employees and their quality of life, so we make safety our top priority each and every day.

    Safety is an integral part of the educational process, and all 桃花社区视频s deserve a safe place to learn. Healthy learning environments impact 桃花社区视频 achievement, and it is our goal to help every leader create learning environments that are designed with learning in mind.

    Leadership at 桃花社区视频 is committed to the safety of our 桃花社区视频s, employees, and anyone who may visit our facilities. However, safety is everyone’s responsibility, so let’s embrace safety together and create environments that enhance learning for our 桃花社区视频s, are safe places to work, as well as help us build partnerships with the community. Together we all can achieve!

  • Physical Address
    662 South President Street
    桃花社区视频, MS 39225

    Contact Risk Management

    Mailing Address:   
    P.O. Box 2338
    桃花社区视频, MS 39225-2338
    (601) 973-8594

    Tawana Bumphis, Workers' Compensation
    (601) 960-8916

    De'La Mayers, FMLA & Property
    (601) 973-8594

Last Modified on April 25, 2022