• The Open Doors-Gifted Education Program is for intellectually gifted 桃花社区视频s in grades 2–8. The purpose of the Gifted Education Program is to identify and serve gifted 桃花社区视频s in a uniquely qualitatively differentiated program not available in the regular classroom. According to gifted regulations, "Gifted education programs shall be in addition to and different from the regular program of instruction provided by the district’s schools."

    The Open Doors-Gifted Education Program provides instruction in thinking skills, creativity, information literacy, success skills, effective (social and emotional) skills, and communication skills. Students enrolled in the district’s gifted education program have met criteria established by the state of Mississippi.

    For additional information, please review the documents below.

    Gifted Education Program Resources

    桃花社区视频 Resources

    MDE Resources

Contact Information

  • 630 South State Street
    桃花社区视频, MS 39201
    Phone: (601) 960-8308 
    Fax: (601) 960-2509

    Shanel Kidd, Coordinator

Last Modified on July 15, 2019