Department Overview

  • Overview

    The Office of Public Engagement supports the mission and vision of 桃花社区视频 Public 桃花社区视频. We strive to improve stakeholder satisfaction and support by providing consistent, timely and accurate information while making the most of opportunities for effective, two-way communication with our community as we aim to increase 桃花社区视频 achievement.

    Public Engagement Services

    Public Engagement employees work with every department and school within 桃花社区视频 to meet their media needs through a myriad of techniques to maximize publicity for 桃花社区视频 and school-related events and activities including news releases, feature stories, photography, media contacts, press conferences, media invitations, and more. Specifically, we:

    • Help 桃花社区视频 leadership, schools, and central offices publicize news, announcements, and events. 
    • Work with print and electronic media outlets to ensure fair, accurate coverage of school and 桃花社区视频 news.
    • Collaborate with partner organizations to coordinate news conferences and other media events.

    Sharing Your News

    Do you have some great news to share or a great story to tell? Let us know. Download and complete the appropriate form below and send it to the Office of Public Engagement.  

Contact Information

  • 662 South President Street 
    桃花社区视频, MS 39201

    Contact Public Engagement

    Sherwin Johnson
    Executive Director 
    (601) 960-8935

    Chassity Bracey-Murphy
    Administrative Secretary
    (601) 960-8771

    Sharie Johnson
    Communications Specialist
    (601) 960-8702

    Georgette Keeler
    Web Manager
    (601) 960-2782

    Ethel Cooper
    (601) 960-8700

Last Modified on April 1, 2024